Oracle Forms and Reports - Practice Test

1. What is SECURE property?


2. How many minimum groups are required for a matrix report


3. How many no of columns can a RECORD GROUP have?


4. Can text item value be defaulted in oracle forns


5. In Oracle Forms, If the not null constraint is defined, the _________ property is set to true.


6. Which is the report trigger will fire first?


7. How can we execute the query in the report trigger?


8. Is it possible to call a form from report?


9. How many layout can have a report?


10. which of the following are valid object in oracle forms


11. What is Post-Block?


12. While specifying master/detail relationship between two blocks specifying the join condition is a must ?


13. In Oracle forms, Stacked and Tab canvasses are always built over a content canvas.


14. How many times a pre-query trigger executed for a block of 10 records in oracle forms?


15. Which of the following is not a valid oracle forms object?


16. How do you access profile values in reports?


17. How do you group objects to copy to another module?


18. How many radio options can be placed under a radio group


19. How many stacked canvases can a forms have?


20. Committed block sometimes refer to a BASE TABLE ?


21. Of the following which is not an executable method in Oracle Apps?


22. What is fnd.srwexit ?


23. Which of the following are valid extension in Oracle Forms


24. What is not the type of windows?


25. In Oracle forms, A global variable is active and accessible within a _______


26. How do you pass values from one form to another form?


27. can you query data in a control block


28. How is value defaulted in a text item in Oracle forms?


29. In Oracle Reports, _____ determines the hierarchy of the data appearing in a report, and are used primarily to create breaks


30. How can you change the default menu bar action?


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