Oracle Forms and Reports – Practice Test

1. What different status of forms?


2. Can you have more item then the columns of a table in a base table block


3. What is fnd.srwexit ?


4. Which sub-routine is used to invoke alter in oracle forms


5. Can a tabbed canvas be placed on a stacked canvas?


6. In Oracle forms can you check whether an object exists or not


7. Can you call a database procedure from trigger in Oracle forms?


8. In oracle report, what type of columns will be used for doing mathematical calculations?


9. what are valid program units in Oracle Reports?


10. Which library we can use to change the profile value?


11. Can a Block be associated to multiple objects like a Table, View or Synonym?


12. How can one see the query executed by system while runing execute_query statement


13. In Oracle forms, which block property can be set programmatically?


14. _______ flex fields captures the unique information


15. How can you change the default menu bar action?


16. In Oracle Forms, The triggers that must fire when all the records are newly inserted and a commit is done are _______, On-Insert and Post-Insert.


17. In Oracle Reports, What are the ways by which data can be generated for any parameter’s list of values?


18. After parameter form trigger will fire before the parameter form


19. How do you pass values from one form to another form?


20. Can text item value be defaulted in oracle forns


21. What is the difference between Per-Query and Post Query?


22. In Oracle Reports, Developers can create 2 types of parameters viz: ____ and lexical parameters


23. How many content canvases can a form have


24. In Oracle forms, Name_in is a function which writes values into a field


25. Object group have a block


26. what are the different types of window in oracle form


27. Name the directory having the FORMS source codes ( FMB files ) ?


28. Which of the following is not a valid sub-function in oracle forms?


29. Can a record group be created dynamically in Oracle Forms


30. Committed block sometimes refer to a BASE TABLE ?


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