How to get JioFi Battery Low Notification on Windows

How to get JioFi Battery Low Notification on Windows
Get JioFi Battery Notification
JioFi battery notifier
Jiofi Low Battery Notification for windows/ Windows10
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wifi battery monitor

Working from home is a new normal for IT professionals and most of them use JioFi device for the internet connectivity. One major problem faced by JioFi users is while they are working, they don’t notice when the JioFi battery goes to zero and turns it off… and the work stops. It disconnects all the sessions and when you are back online, you might need to spend 5-10 minutes to establish all the connectivity to be back in action. Ever faces this trouble. Lot of us did.

To solve this problem, here is a simple utility that you can run on Windows laptops and it will notify you whenever the battery goes below 20%.

Just download the below file, extract and run it. The exe file is completely virus free and is scanned with antivirus.

JioFi Battery Notifier for Windows
Click Download button to download.

Download “JioFi Battery Notifier” – Downloaded 1461 times – 24.55 MB

Software information:

JioFi Battery Notifier is a standalone windows application which runs in background and notifies the user whenever the battery of the connected JioFi device goes below 20%. The notification repeats every 2 minutes until the charger is connected to the device. To Get JioFi Battery Notification, just download, extract and double click the software application. There is no need for installation.

It will not launch any window but it runs in the background. You can always view it in Task Manager. It will pop up Windows notification whenever battery of your JioFi Device goes below 20%. The notification comes every 2 minutes after the battery level goes below 20%.

JioFi Battery Notifier started running
How to get JioFi Battery Low Notification on Windows

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