Oracle form attached to which responsibility

Oracle form attached to which responsibility
Oracle form navigation
oracle form responsibility query

For this we should have the form function_ id first. If you already have the form function_id, skip to step 3. Else follow steps 1 and 2. 

Step 1: Find the form name

If you know some navigation of the form, open the form and go to
Help>>About Oracle applications
Scroll down to Current form section and copy the form name as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Get the form function id

Use the form name from step 1 in the below query and get the appropriate function_id.

  FROM fnd_form_functions_vl fff, fnd_form ff
 WHERE fff.form_id = ff.form_id
 and form_name='OEXOEORD'

Step 3: Get the responsibility and navigation

Use the function_id obtained in the step2 and run the below query. It gives all the responsibility name along with navigation as shown in screenshot.

SELECT responsibility_name, menu_structure.PATH navigation
  FROM (           SELECT LEVEL padding,
                          RTRIM (reverse (SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH (reverse (prompt), '>')),
                          (SELECT menu_name
                             FROM fnd_menus fm
                            WHERE fm.menu_id = fme.menu_id)
                          (SELECT menu_name
                             FROM fnd_menus fm
                            WHERE fm.menu_id = fme.sub_menu_id)
                     FROM fnd_menu_entries_vl fme
               CONNECT BY sub_menu_id = PRIOR menu_id 
               START WITH function_id = :function_id 
        ORDER SIBLINGS BY entry_sequence) menu_structure,
       fnd_responsibility_vl fr
 WHERE menu_structure.menu_id = fr.menu_id
 order by 1;
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