Oracle apps query to find approval limits

Oracle apps query to find approval limits
Purchase requisition approval limits query in R12
Purchasing approval limits in Oracle EBS
approval limits in oracle purchasing
r12 approval limits query

--approval limits
SELECT d.full_name,
  FROM per_all_people_f          d,
       per_all_assignments_f     e,
       po_position_controls_all  f,
       po_control_groups_all     g,
       po_control_rules          h,
       apps.po_control_functions pcf
 WHERE     1 = 1
       AND d.effective_end_date > SYSDATE
       AND d.person_id = e.person_id
       AND e.effective_end_date > SYSDATE
       AND e.job_id = f.job_id
       AND f.control_group_id = g.control_group_id
       AND g.control_group_id = h.control_group_id
       AND pcf.control_function_name = 'Approve Purchase Requisitions'  -- change the function name according to module
       AND f.control_function_id = pcf.control_function_id
       AND g.org_id = 123  --enter operating unit org_id
       AND d.person_id = 878787; --enter person_id from per_all_people_f
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