Query to find all Expense report entry delegations

Query to find all Expense report entry delegations
Oracle apps expense report entry delegation setup details oracle apps EBS
Expense report entry delegation audit query in R12
oracle cloud expense report delegation

--Query to find all Expense report entry delegations(unimportant columns are commented)
  SELECT -- dsa.web_user_id,
         -- dsa.attribute_code,
         -- dsa.attribute_application_id,
         -- dsa.varchar2_value,
         -- dsa.date_value,
         -- dsa.number_value,
         -- dsa.created_by,
         -- dsa.creation_date,
         -- dsa.last_updated_by,
         -- dsa.last_update_date,
         -- dsa.last_update_login,
         emp.user_name employee, usr.user_name delegate
    -- ap_web_audit_utils.get_employee_info(usr.employee_id, 'full_name', 'VARCHAR2') employee_name,
    -- ap_web_audit_utils.get_employee_info(usr.employee_id, 'full_name', 'VARCHAR2') employee_name_ro
    FROM apps.ak_web_user_sec_attr_values dsa,
         apps.fnd_user                  usr,
         apps.fnd_user                  emp
   WHERE     1 = 1
         -- dsa.web_user_id 1
         -- AND dsa.number_value = 2
         AND dsa.attribute_code = 'ICX_HR_PERSON_ID'
         AND dsa.attribute_application_id = 178
         AND usr.user_id = dsa.web_user_id
         AND emp.user_name != usr.user_name
         AND SYSDATE BETWEEN usr.start_date AND NVL (usr.end_date, SYSDATE + 1)
         AND emp.employee_id = dsa.number_value
         AND SYSDATE BETWEEN emp.start_date AND NVL (emp.end_date, SYSDATE + 1)
ORDER BY usr.user_name;
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