Query to find vacation rules in Oracle R12

Query to find vacation rules in Oracle R12
Delegate rules audit query in Oracle APPS EBS
Workflow approval delegations in sql query
Vacation rules setup query in oracle apps
Vacation rule audit query in Oracle
vacation rule in oracle apps r12

--Query to find delegate rules for APEXP workflow. change the workflow type in the query to find related delegate rules.(Unimportant columns are commented in the select statement)
SELECT routingruleseo.role            employee,
       routingruleseo.action_argument delegate,
       -- routingruleseo.rule_id,
       -- routingruleseo.message_name,
       -- itemtypeseo.display_name type_display,
       --messageseo.display_name msg_display,
       -- messageseo.subject,
       lookupseo.meaning              AS action_display,
       itemtypeseo.name                                                    --,
  -- messageseo.type,
  -- messageseo.name AS name1,
  -- lookupseo.lookup_type,
  -- lookupseo.lookup_code
  FROM apps.wf_routing_rules routingruleseo,
       apps.wf_item_types_vl itemtypeseo,
       apps.wf_messages_vl   messageseo,
       apps.wf_lookups       lookupseo
 WHERE     1 = 1                                   -- routingruleseo.role = :1
       AND routingruleseo.MESSAGE_TYPE = itemtypeseo.name(+)
       AND routingruleseo.MESSAGE_TYPE = messageseo.TYPE(+)
       AND routingruleseo.message_name = messageseo.name(+)
       AND routingruleseo.action = lookupseo.lookup_code
       AND lookupseo.lookup_type = 'WFSTD_ROUTING_ACTIONS'
       AND routingruleseo.end_date > SYSDATE
-- type_display,
-- msg_display,
-- begin_date
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