Form function attached to which responsibility and user

Form function attached to which responsibility and user
Oracle apps Form function responsibility
Oracle ebs form responsibility

SELECT DISTINCT rtl.responsibility_name,
  FROM fnd_compiled_menu_functions cmf,
       fnd_form_functions          ff,
       fnd_form_functions_tl       ffl,
       fnd_responsibility          r,
       fnd_responsibility_tl       rtl,
       fnd_user_resp_groups        urg,
       fnd_user                    usr
 WHERE     cmf.function_id = ff.function_id
       AND r.menu_id = cmf.menu_id
       AND urg.responsibility_id = r.responsibility_id
       AND rtl.responsibility_id = r.responsibility_id
       AND cmf.grant_flag = 'Y'
       AND r.application_id = urg.responsibility_application_id
       AND usr.user_id = urg.user_id
       AND UPPER (ffl.user_function_name) = UPPER ('Invoices') --Enter the form function name here
       AND ff.function_id = ffl.function_id
--     AND responsibility_name LIKE 'AP%'
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