Query to find concurrent program Responsibility and Request Group

Query to find concurrent program Responsibility and Request Group
Oracle apps concurrent program responsibility query
Oracle ebs concurrent program attached to which responsibility
concurrent program attached to request group query

SELECT DISTINCT fcpl.user_concurrent_program_name,
  FROM apps.fnd_request_groups         frg,
       apps.fnd_application_tl         fapp,
       apps.fnd_request_group_units    frgu,
       apps.fnd_concurrent_programs    fcp,
       apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl fcpl,
       apps.fnd_responsibility         fnr,
       apps.fnd_responsibility_tl      fnrtl
 WHERE     frg.application_id = fapp.application_id
       AND frg.application_id = frgu.application_id
       AND frg.request_group_id = frgu.request_group_id
       AND frg.request_group_id = fnr.request_group_id
       AND fnr.responsibility_id = fnrtl.responsibility_id
       AND frgu.request_unit_id = fcp.concurrent_program_id
       AND frgu.unit_application_id = fcp.application_id
       AND fcp.concurrent_program_id = fcpl.concurrent_program_id
       AND fcpl.user_concurrent_program_name LIKE
              '<Your concurrent program name>'
       AND fnrtl.LANGUAGE = 'US'
       AND fapp.LANGUAGE = 'US'
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