Query to get concurrent program and executable details

Query to get concurrent program and executable details
Oracle Apps backend query find concurrent program and executable
SELECT fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name,
       fate.application_name exe_application,
       flv.meaning           execution_method,
  FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_tl fcpt,
       fnd_concurrent_programs    fcp,
       fnd_application_tl         fat,
       fnd_executables            fet,
       fnd_application_tl         fate,
       fnd_lookup_values          flv
 WHERE     fcpt.concurrent_program_id = fcp.concurrent_program_id
       AND fcpt.application_id = fcp.application_id
       AND fcp.application_id = fat.application_id
       AND fcpt.application_id = fat.application_id
       AND fcp.executable_id = fet.executable_id
       AND fcp.executable_application_id = fet.application_id
       AND fet.application_id = fate.application_id
       AND flv.lookup_type = 'CP_EXECUTION_METHOD_CODE'
       AND flv.lookup_code = fet.execution_method_code
       AND fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name = '<Concurrent Program Name>'

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