Oracle apps list of concurrent programs in a Request Set

Oracle apps list of concurrent programs in a Request Set
R12 query to get request set stages and concurrent programs
Oracle EBS request set details query
Oracle apps request set query

SELECT rs.user_request_set_name        "Set Name",
       rs.request_set_name             "Set code",
       rs.description                  "Description",
       rss.display_sequence            stage_Seq,
       rsp.sequence                    CP_SEQUENCE,
       cp.user_concurrent_program_name "Concurrent Program",
       ap.application_name             "Application",
       e.executable_name               "Executable",
       e.execution_file_name           "Executable File",
       lv.meaning                      "Executable Type"
  FROM apps.fnd_request_sets_vl         rs,
       apps.fnd_req_set_stages_form_v   rss,
       applsys.fnd_request_set_programs rsp,
       apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_vl  cp,
       apps.fnd_executables             e,
       apps.fnd_lookup_values           lv,
       apps.fnd_application_vl          ap
 WHERE     rs.application_id = rss.set_application_id
       AND rs.request_set_id = rss.request_set_id
       AND rss.set_application_id = rsp.set_application_id
       AND rss.request_set_id = rsp.request_set_id
       AND rss.request_set_stage_id = rsp.request_set_stage_id
       AND rsp.program_application_id = cp.application_id
       AND rsp.concurrent_program_id = cp.concurrent_program_id
       AND cp.executable_id = e.executable_id
       AND cp.executable_application_id = e.application_id
       AND e.application_id = ap.application_id
       AND lv.lookup_type = 'CP_EXECUTION_METHOD_CODE'
       AND lv.lookup_code = e.execution_method_code
       AND rs.user_request_set_name = 'Function Security Reports'
       AND lv.language = 'US'
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